research gold

i love doing research!  on this beautiful late summer/early fall sunday morning i am in church (the library that is) amongst the masses each in our own world doing our own thing.  whilst in the midst of investigating a name change for one of the characters in a story i am working on onto that world wide webby thing i go to find an alternate for Jim.

information galore from the webby i discover Jim is an album by soul artist jamie lidel,  Jim is forever attached to mark twain, Jim is a river that snakes through north and south dakota, and juan ignacio martinez a retired footballer uses jim as an acronym for his name.  all of these aside the one that caught my eye (even through dirty, smudged glasses) jim is also a television station in finland. wow, really further research please.

the station name, jim, is an acronym for jotain ihan muuta which translated from finnish into english is something completely different broadcasting d.i.y. shows, documentaries, and imported programming.  clicking onto their offical webbysite i am confronted with publicity photos of characters dressed sort of westernized (hummmm looks famailiar) and written across these are the shows names, i think, for i cannot read nor speak finnish however, i do so enjoy listening as words that seem to go on and on roll off the tongue in rapid fire formality.  maybe this is because the words are so long and time short.

the first thing i think when hearing the english translation is the famous english group of the lumber jack song and upper class twits sketch monty python.  now hear is where i get goosebumps:  i love the pythons have so for many years, i am of finnish decent, my legal name is james but i prefer jim (something to do with hearing my full legal from mom when i was in trouble) and this station’s name translates into a catchphrase made famous by a group whom i adore.  what does it all mean?  no idea.

i love doing research, oh yeah you bethcha!

bungee chair and i

parked atop a fresh mound of redwood chips, breathe in the gathering scent (cough, cough the air is heavy with smoke from grassfires east of here) homemade sandwhich in hand, work day complete, I am in a favorite spot. looking out over the tall , dried brown grass private planes lift off the ground in powered flight beauty, some land with a couple bounces coming to stop with plenty room.

I am nirvanaed.

recently, while doing inventory on a merchandising job for a major office supplier I passed through the furniture section and stopped dead in my tracks for there in the middle of the floor looking as though it were trying to blend in and hide, a spade shaped chair.  intrigued I walk over and sit, hhhmmm comfortable I stand up and it conforms right back to the old spade looking object, the chair is made of bungee cord like material.  further inspection reveals it is collapsible thus adoptable to various uses.  hhhhmmm, the ol’ hand rubs the chin (oops forgot to shave this morning) this is a perfect fit for writing cozy, can take anywhere, lightweight, will wed nicely with the steering wheel table I have for writing whilst parked in a park.


the spade looking bungee chair

so back to that delicious sandwhich and mound of redwood and hazy smoke laden air.  after completeing a four mile walk today in temperatures hoverboarding around 95 degrees, sweating I retrieve the bungee chair from the scion set it up and fall into with a big aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

knocking back a pint of water I tear incisors into wheat bread, ham, delicious walla walla sweet onions, peperoncini  fall into my lap. the chair I rest upon, the sweeping panorama of private planes, browned grass, air clogged with smoke, the hum of a nearby highway, a freight train squeaking its way along steel rail does it get better?

sandwhich complete and now working on a second bottle of h2o I bring out the steering wheel desk, place it and my laptop on ye ol’ lap and begin working on a writing project, once complete, will be sent off in hopes of winning a contest.IMG_20170903_155114IMG_20170903_155153

here is a technological device I wish to have stumble on a long time ago in that galaxy far away. well now that it is mine…





advice signpost

402 a.m., 8-28-2017.
The eye lids squeak open, ol’ mr. sandman partied hard last night.
Reset in major grocery chain one hour due south from warm, comfortable bed; must be there by 7 a.m. uuuggghhh. I cannot jump from bed splash water on the face and mane then out the door, no way coffee, food, time for the synopses to fire and warm up like well tuned engine.
Now awake, freeway I make if only roadways so less jammed.
But wait, thinking way ahead of its’ time to radical to believe roadway so clear for the electronic signpost up ahead reads: roadwork seven miles ahead.
And then…wp-image-945261232
Red taillights painfully slow moving automobiles and not an orange cone in sight.
Stop and go, stop and go, stop and go; the poor brakes
Driver in front keeps looking straight down, at what, occasionally looks to right and down as if major interest in front seat appearance, maybe waiting for the big call, text, facebook. Attention not out windshield, I want to ram so bad instead light on the accelerator.
Stop and go, stop and go, stop and go. Oh the humanity!
I need relief, music not the ticket, a-ha! Down into the depths of cd collection Jack Benny disc insert whilst on one stop before the go.
Humor from radio’s golden age, refreshing, ageless, and darn excellent way to beat stress, laugh your worries away don’t ya know.
Forward there orange cones! Workers! Reprieve! Just a short distance now, freedom alright.
And just like that drivers take off attempting to make up lost time as if one of the construction workers waved a green flag.
Seven miles of wall to wall traffic some tried in vain to break out; now as I am back on track but running late kinda felt a little like prison.

Good night