Going Forward

It all started at a Christmas party I’d been invited to by a friend, circa 1994. How the topic came about is lost to time but I was asked about where I was from and got into describing winter at home in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. When I arrived at the part of our kitchen window encased in condensation on the inside due to moisture and cccooollldddd weather outside the person listening paused a moment to absorb my story then  informed me I should write.  Now, I should mention that prior to this event I have written brief journal entries in pocket-size notepads, on loose, loose-leaf paper, and journals but 1994 was pivitol as  I took writing serious and enrolled in a writing classes, and before long the passion to relate life experiences and observations spilled out and on this media I want to continue hoping to inspire myself and others.

Recently,  my former current employer offered workers a severance package as they are in process of realigning the cable tv services they supply. After crunching the olde numbers it benefited me to take up on this and more importantly the opportunity to work on my writings, how could I pass. I know this will not last forever but it is the step forward I waited for.

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more words to come


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