…And if that wasn’t enough

Since this is my first venture into the unkown I welcome positive critisim, or any critisim, comments, thoughts, opinions.


2 thoughts on “…And if that wasn’t enough

  1. Your sentiments resonate for me. At the end of the day, poetry is a lonely venture. I don’t know about your day to day life, but it’s been hard for me to be so deeply invested in what I do/who I am (if you like, take a gander at my poem, “Instead” from a few months ago, which excavates that mine a bit, to co-opt your very apt metaphor) and live with two teenagers who are, well, teenagers (and poetry couldn’t be more out of vogue among those ranks these days) and a husband who’s an engineer and finds even the best poetry — even Shakespeare! — laborious, if not downright painful. It is a labor of love for me, though, and no part of it ever comes easy. Now, I’m finally starting to find my people, after literally decades, and it makes all the difference.

    Keep putting out feelers, and stay true to yourself. It doesn’t matter what your style of writing is so much as it matters to have the right people to share it with. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on Trumplewocky! Getting to share a little laughter by way of being my weird self has been very rewarding for me!

    1. writing has followed me down a long a winding road from youthful days of wonderment to this here moment. unfortunately, serious writing spilled forth in 1994 at a friend’s christmas party when, after i described a midwest winter to an inquiring party-goer, “you should be a writer” came the response. “huh” something clinked and journeling took off, a lot of scribbling, and then this here blog which me too have just come into finding those i love to read and vise versa. i love putting down words in certain order and when the write one clicks a high no synthetic drug has duplicated. “the return of lady alvida” and “greatly miniaturized reproductions have been recorded” are my best the latter inspired by a fellow bloggers short story. i love this!

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