loving the art of photography

now i am no pro pix taker, have no elaborate equipment, setups, tripods, or gadgets just two eyes, passion, and many years of exposure (pun intended) to other photographers whilst in the enployment of a camera store owner worker with fun and gorgeous co-workers. one slow sunday afternoon at the mall location i pickup a book and began reading which happened to be a short 175 pages yet chuck full of pictures, pictures many people would never dream of snapping, no friends, family, weddings, car cruises, nor boat races.

what is the name of this book you ask?  the art of seeing by the eastman kodak company.  you know those guys that made picture taking fun for everyone just like henry ford made cars for everyone.

the book was written at a time when film, yes film, was still the king, digital was on a distant horizon.  since today is the 4th of july a to celebrate freedom and independence i thought i would exercise (pun intended) my freedom and independence and go for a long walk around my home, vancouver, washington.  the journey began passing a vintage clothing store jazz emitting at low volume from within, this set the stage making me feel i was walking back in time.  following are pictures of that walk about ( some pictures require the passing over of the cursor for caption):

vauldville once reigned here in vancouver, movies and the deco style movie theater here is from the golden age of movies. love the projectore here
city urban art. rains a lot here so what better homage to the wet stuff, eh?
murals on building sides, love ’em even though the dumpster are there
esther short park once was popular then fell to the popular addict then rose from the ashes and today is a family hot spot. concerts, wading pools, and space to relax
at the north entrance an monument the pioneer mother
plenty of tall shady trees to snuggle under, to park your chair and write or read the latest garrison keillor book
on the se corner of the park, near those wadding pools, a glockenspiel clock. fun and entertaining method to watch time pass by.
the round building center is the smith tower apartments built in 1965 for the elderly and is the tallest building in vancouver so…

something different

right now on kusc streaming online from southern california:  the 1812 overtone with canon and all the cymbal crashes, strings, and all volume turned up .

l i find this fitting for today even though about another countries revolution.  however on a long thought provoking walk today the following bubbled up into the grey matter from somewhere:


oh beautiful for spacious skies

for amber waves of grain and hops

for purple mountains majesty

above the beer foamed glass

america, america god’s taps are graced on thee

and crown thy good with microbrews from sea to shining sea



Thank you

feeling that way, you know

i cringe at her beauty

six inches shorter than my five eleven stance

short back and sides brown hair, long on top covers eye a.k.a veronica lake


attention getting figure in red polo and snug beige khakis

i must engage, flirt

me:  “hi how you?”

cocking her head back, smiles exposing exquisite enamels and into my eyes,


her continuing:  “you?”

me:  “so far so good”

her:  a chuckle, “great”


confidence, security, gorgeous

i melt, excite hearing her voice

work calls, she off to finish first day assignments

me to complete merchandising in same store

attraction without serious intentions

mental sensation