the monument below is located on a walkway between a new, upscale apartment complex and a new, sort of upscale business complex.

toileting?  could not find definition even though one gets the idea, but toileting?






after stumbling onto the above a turn to the left, one to the right and i come upon this sign directed towards humans who suddenly get that sense of urgency but cannot find relief to save your life, or should i say bladder.  until now there is PARK and GO all you have to do is locate the stylish sign (the word go is in green for that is the earth friendly part) park lift the lid on one of three containers and let nature do the rest.   there is even a special entrance for you pedestrians in similar crisis mode.




lunar obscure

the following is raw no words have been changed to enhance emotion:

the sun looks like a cresent moon with one half hour to totality, airplanes take off from portland international airport passing overhead, commerce rumbles on steel rails just feet behind me.  as i approached my viewing spot i notice off in the distant sky a jet liner, at cruising altitude, circling could this be a cause of the pending eclipse or a compassionate pilot.  walking about through the crowd i saw a group men and woman each on their own cell phone how odd the feeling i got that they thought the whole staged but then again they may have been reading information on the celestial event, inquiring minds want to know.

closer now to the bewitching hour the only sounds cars flying along state route 14 here in vancouver, washington a slight breeze blows which has now cooled it is getting darker my phone is tuned to a classical radio station out of portland that has put together a playlist of celestial music, even commissioned a composer to specific create music for totality. glasses on the moment nears then…

totality, well at least 99% here in vancouver, goosebumps, silence, even children that just minutes ran around enjoying the declining days of summer fall silent.  i am a little disappointed as i expected to see a pyramid shaped object, white light passing into it from one end and the colors of the rainbow existing the other side.  oh well, maybe next total eclispe, eh?

now coming out of slight darkness, the land brightens, the air warms, human chatter, restlessness escalates.  the classical station i am listening pulls the mind from deep space back home and to reality (yikes!)


I wonder how planets in the vast universe experience this same event with their star?  are there others similar to humans recording and sharing? i hope so.