the cup, eh?

well the curse lasted into ot with pittsburg winning but it is still hiding behing the corner boards waiting to bounce that puck in the right direction and good things happen, eh?  detroit played well until abdelkader took that 5 minute charging major and even though there was still bunches of hockey i knew right there detroit will loose.  both teams waited for the other to make a mistake this was that mistake.  i have a funny feeling for the remainder of the series but i will be routing on as always.

great physical game between chicago and minnesota which is why i love this game so much, fast moving, hard checking, frozen biscuit in the net, eh?

go wings!  Hockeytown_12WPicon

the curse, because it’s the cup!

so pittsburg lost, hhhhmmmm. going into the third period they had a commanding 3-1 lead, the redwings too a comfortable lead and well…, losing 4-3 to the underdog New York Islanders and a goal that has been scrutinized by the press. I wonder if pittsburg had made this fortunate goal the media would be all over or just contribute the score to the teams great depth. hey, it’s hockey these type of shots, at times, are deliberate take a look at detroits pavel datsyuk in a game against florida he had the puck behind the panthers net and flipped it over the net intending to bank it in off the goal tenders back! get the puck to the net and good things happen, eh?

unfortunately a couple years ago i downgraded my cable tv to just basic which means no nhl network, no nbc sports network or cnbc and center ice online only airs radio broadcast, talk about control, eh? this is just fine because multi-tasking is now possible but more importantly the theater of the mind starts up!

so the playoffs are heating up and teams that are not suppose to win are and visa-versa, detroit and anaheim tonite at THE JOE in detroit which will be electric with energy! pittsburg resumes tomorrow and therefore the curse!

go wings!        Hockeytown_12WPicon

the cup playoffs day 3

today i am happy and sad at the same time.  happy that the detroit redwings won sad that they held a 4-1 score early in the third period and let the ducks tie them sending the contest into overtime.  however just one and one half minute into overtime gustav nyquist of the redwings hits the back of the net sending the series to HOCKEYTOWN tied at one.

detroit has a reputation of going into the final seconds of a contest and allowing opponents to score but this is why i love the game so much tense, exciting, anyone can can win.

the la kings who have been picked by some to repeat are down two games to st louis, the habs, surprising, lost minnesota and chicago resume tonite and i am pulling for the underdog wild and oh yes, a curse on pittsburg that they dont make it to the finals.  i am hoping two of the lesser teams make the cup finals as underdogs fighting, shooting, blocking, penalty killing, hugging are so much more fun to watch then those with better standings.

go wings!