come back with me now to those thrilling days of yesterday

fall along a tree line
back to hwy 99 near salem, oregon
resting skinny
look close on the dock a plump sea lion at ease. ripples in the water near the dock are from fellow sea lion that just went under.
sign of color
now within city limits of oregon city, oregon, some fancy color at play.
the willamette river
near oregon city, oregon this no longer used lock took timber shipping around willamette falls

in honor of the new moon, the high-class, ancestry, azure moon, the full moon

my moon

your moon

his moon

her moon

mom’s moon

blodd moom
a rare event indeed, the blue, super, blood moon. whew that is hefty moniker.

dad’s moon

grandma’s moon

grandpa’s moon

siblings moon

their moon

our moon

someone’s moon

luna’s moon

roman moon

Selene-Artemis’ moon

greek moon

earth’s moon

moon’s moon

high-class moon

azure moon

ancestry moon